Based in Blue Springs, Missouri, Page One Direct, LLC has been building websites, sales funnels, and providing premium domain names for our clients since 2016.

Seems like the “personal service” part of online marketing providers is disappearing more and more each day. Having that “someone” you can call up to just talk about your website, or to seek direction for your online marketing is invaluable. When you call Page One Direct, it’s more like you’ll be talking to a friend. That’s our difference.

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Top quality domain names are getting more and more difficult to come by at reasonable prices. Our team scours many resources looking for the best domain names available to make them available to you for reasonable prices. Forget the expensive aftermarket auctions or hoping that the right domain will expire just in time for you to snatch it up – Page One Direct is here to help you get that name you are looking for… and you can name your own price on literally all of our domain names!

We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and service. We will accept payment through PayPal, Credit Card, business check, or for domains over a certain price, we will use the escrow services of, a very reputable escrow service.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or via telephone at 816-866-0806.


Dave is PHENOMENAL to work with and frankly I’m shocked he’s even available.

I’ve been working with him on a variety of things – running webinars, doing tech work, editing videos, doing some customer support, project management – and he consistently does a fantastic, better-than-you-asked-for job.

I’ve hired thousands of people throughout my years online (I used to own an outsourcing company) and know how to recognize awesome. If you want a positive, highly competent, phenom in your corner – Dave is your guy.

~Rachel Rofe

David to the rescue! I was having trouble with an audio recording I had done and no clue how to fix it. I reached out in a facebook group known for experts and David replied that he was happy to take a look and see what could be done. Within a very short time, (less than a couple of hours) he sent it back and it was exactly what I needed. I was very appreciative and will definitely reach out to him again.

~Heidi Brandt

David is an absolute pleasure to work with! He is extremely knowledgeable, has wonderful customer service skills, and makes himself available which is very hard to come by. I was having difficulties with something in WordPress and he was quick to hop on a zoom call and guide me through what I had done with ease. I would, and will, highly recommend David for your website, and logo design needs you will not regret it!

~Nicole See

Domain FAQ’s

Q. Are you a domain registrar?
A. No. is not a domain registrar. All of the domains we are offering are already registered. If you would like to hand-register your own domain name, we use and highly recommend the services of DynaDot – a full featured domain registration company.

Q. How do I buy a domain from you?
A. Each domain in our list has a “Make Offer” and often a “Buy Now” link next to it. The “Buy Now” link will take you to a payment page. When you pay the listed price, we will contact you to arrange to move the domain to your account (details follow). The “Make Offer” button will take you to to our “Name Your Price” page. Fill out the form, including your offer, and we will either accept or reject within 24 hours. We may also counter with a price. Once the negotiation is complete and we both agree to a price, we will ready the domain transfer and send you a payment link or mailing address to send a business check (based on your preference). Once payment is received, we will request specific transfer information from you. Note: Our process requires you to sign up for free with the specific registrar where the domain is registered so we can push the domain to you. There are no additional or hidden costs involved with this. We will then push the domain to your registrar account and provide a payment receipt. The registrar will confirm that the domain push was successful…you now own a great domain! The only additional fees you would be responsible for is the annual renewal of the domain – once it is in your account, we have no control over the domain.

Q. When I buy a domain from you, do I own it?
A. Yes. Once we reach agreement and the payment has been made, we “push” the domain ownership to an account at the domain registrar; either yours, or one we create for you and hand over to you. Once that push is complete, it’s all yours to use as you see fit.

Q. Are there other options for me to use a domain you have?
A. Yes. If you see a domain you like and don’t want to buy it outright, we can set up a rental or lease agreement with very reasonable terms. Simply use our  contact form and we can discuss options with you – we’re pretty flexible that way. We could also build out a site for you, if desired.

Q. Can I re-sell the domain after I buy it from you?
A. Once the domain is transferred to your account, it is yours to do with as you see fit.

Q. Do you use any escrow service?
A. Yes. Unless we’ve done business before, we actually prefer using escrow for transactions over $300. We prefer

Q. I have domains registered at another registrar. Can I transfer the domain I buy from you to them?
A. Yes, you are free to transfer the domain to any registrar you prefer. However, ICANN rules state that you have to wait 60 days before an outbound transfer can be done.  We cannot accelerate this process.

Q. Do you list your domains somewhere else for sale?
A. Yes. While this website is our primary venue for domain sales (we prefer one to one customer service!), we do frequently list domains at Snapnames, Sedo, and other listing services.

Q. Do you provide brokerage services? If there is a domain out there that I want, can you get it for me?
A. Yes, we can act as a domain buyer on your behalf, and negotiate for the sale of a premium or non-listed domain. Our service fees are $100 or 15 percent of the purchase price, whichever is greater.

Q. What TLD’s do you deal with? Is any one better than the other?
A. On the domain sales side, we generally try to stay in the .COM realm. We will periodically get .NET or .ORG domains to sell, but “.COM Is King” and we don’t foresee that changing. Our brokerage services are open to any TLD.

Q. When I buy a domain from you, can you help me develop a site on it?
A. Yes. We can build out landing pages, funnels, or full websites based on your needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss!